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Robotic Oil Drilling,100 Axes Above

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Robotic Drilling Systems (RDS) has built the world’s first fully autonomous robotic oil drilling rig in Stavanger, Norway. The highly advanced rig coordinates control of multiple robots to perform drilling operations. RDS scoured the world to find robotics software that was advanced enough to coordinate over 100 axes of motion in real-time while being robust enough for oil drilling operations. Only one software package was up to the task—Energid’s Actin.

In less than six months, Actin was integrated into the drillfloor robot (a 6-axis electrically actuated robot with over a 3000 Kg payload capacity) and was precisely controlling the tool-tip. Since then, we have integrated Actin into a fully functioning prototype rig, with a robotic pipe-handler, lift, robotic roughneck, drillfloor robot, slips and more. The rig is fully controlled by Actin.

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